Spring has finally arrived and summer is well on its way; with that being said, it’s time to brace yourselves because wicked spring storms are well on their way!  Your home protects you and your family when you need it most, but what happens when it can’t protect you anymore? It’s up to you to give it the attention it needs to keep its protection on point. The most vulnerable aspects of your home is the roof. During major weather events, you’ll want to get your roof checked out. There are many materials on your roof that could be damaged in the event of a storm which is why it’s extremely important to stay in touch with roof repair experts after a bad storm rolls through the Charlotte area.

3 Reasons To Call For a Free Roof Inspection After a Storm

#1 Not all roof damage will be visible.

When a storm rolls through Charlotte and the wind picks up, you’ll want to visually inspect your roof for any damage. However, there will be times where you won’t be able to see damage on the ground level. When this happens, you’ll want to give Ace Solar & Roofing a call. Even if your roof looks perfectly fine, there could be some damages that are hiding from an untrained eye. Our professional roof repair experts will reveal what parts of your roof have been damaged during a storm and give you the peace of mind you need.


#2 Homeowner’s insurance usually covers roof inspections.

Most homeowner’s insurance providers will cover roof inspections; however, we always offer our prospective clients free inspections to help you with the recovery process of an intense storm. After the clouds have cleared, you’ll want to give us a call to set up your free inspection. The faster you make your appointment, the sooner we’ll be able to get up onto your roof and assess the damage, even if you aren’t sure there is any damage at all. If there is damage, you’ll want to contact your insurance agent and file a claim as soon as possible in order to make an appointment for a much-needed roof repair.

#3 New roofs are still susceptible to damage from a rough storm.

Many homeowners believe that their roof is safe because it was just replaced. Unfortunately, this is not the case. New roofs are just as vulnerable to damage as a roof that’s 15 years old. Wind, hail and rain can damage a roof that is any age. Plus, let’s not forget about the flying debris, such as branches that can significantly destroy your roof. Taking the time to get it inspected will save you from dealing with the consequences of ignoring the need for a roof repair.

Schedule a Free Roof Inspection Today!

It’s time to schedule your free roof inspection. Keep our number handy and give us a call to have your roof inspected absolutely free of charge. We have the expert roof repair crew standing by and have a keen eye on what to look for after an atrocious storm passes through the Charlotte area. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, check out the services available and continue reading our past blog posts to stay informed on special roofing topics every homeowner should know. As always, give us a call at (704) 755-4046 or schedule request an appointment online here.