1. Roofing Terms You Should Know

    Roofing is a popular need for every resident, commercial or residential, in the Charlotte area. Not only do you need to pay close attention to your roof, but you need to know what the common roofing terms are. Why? If you need a repair, it’s good to know a little more about your roof than the common Charlotte resident does. Here are some of the most common roofing terms that will help you identi…Read More

  2. Assess and Repair Your Roof From Hail Damage

    Spring has finally arrived and with that comes terrible storms we could do without. Storms tend to bring heavy rain, wicked wind and sometimes falling ice marbles we like to call hail. Hail is a damaging part of weather that can cause your home to suffer. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to stop the hail from damaging your roof, but there are steps you can take to make sure it gets the …Read More

  3. Advantages and Disadvantages of a Tile Roof

    To create show-stopping curb appeal and give you the best protection from the sun, Mother Nature and everything the world may throw at you depends on the material you choose for your roof. Are you in need of a roof repair or a full-on replacement? If so, it’s time to think about changing up the look of your home and understanding all of the pros and cons of choosing a tile roof. The Advantages o…Read More

  4. Why Leaving Roof Repair To the Professionals is a Must Part 3

    Your roof should always be in great and trusting condition. Without a roof that you can fully trust, you’ll be left wanting to perform roof repairs on your own, and that’s a no-no. Roofing is a complex service that must be provided to you by a professional. If you think you can give your roof a good old fashioned roof repair on your own, it’s time for you to read more in our Part 1 and Part …Read More

  5. Reasons Why Leaving Roof Repair To the Professionals is a Must Part 2

    Living in Charlotte, it’s easy to think that you can climb up a ladder and jump up on the roof of your home without any dangers surrounding your every move. At Ace Roofing, we’re the roof repair experts that want you to know the true dangers that follow you, and anyone else who climbs up onto your roof for a simple or complex roof repair. In our previous post, we started giving reasons the fir…Read More

  6. Reasons Why Leaving Roof Repair To the Professionals is a Must

    Roof repair doesn’t seem too hard; we get it. But, let us give it to you straight: Roof repair should always be left to the professionals. Here’s the first of six reasons why: #1 You could fall, disturb insects and run into other hazards. Here’s a statistic you that may leave your feet planted on the ground: According to EHStoday.com, over 2,000 people die each year from falls off of a roof.…Read More

  7. What is the Urban Heat Island Effect?

    There's no doubt about it, Charlotte is a big city filled with commercial businesses, apartment buildings, industrial building and concert venues, not to mention residential homes right outside the city. With this being said, are you aware of the Urban Heat Island Effect and what it means for those who live in the city? The Urban Heat Island Effect, or UHI, directly affects metropolitan areas much…Read More

  8. What are Roof Coatings?

    Roof coatings are useful for a multitude of reasons; their main service is to extend and protect the life of a roof for new construction and existing roof coverings. Roof coatings are generally used on BUR, metal, single ply membranes, modified bitumen, and spray polyurethane foam. What are roof coatings? Roof coatings are generally described as a liquid that is thicker than paint and has a higher…Read More

  9. Asphalt Shingles and Cold Weather – Are they a Good Choice for You?

    There are a variety of options to choose between when it comes to requiring a roof replacement, however, nearly three-quarters of the United States has chosen to use asphalt shingles as their preferred material. Why? They’re durable, affordable and come in nearly any cut, style, color and depth you can image. To put it simply, asphalt shingles can perfectly match your home exactly how you’d li…Read More

  10. The Benefits of Cedar Shake Roofing

    Is it time to have your roof repaired and maybe even replaced? Here in Charlotte, there’s no doubt that your roof has taken on abuse that it didn’t deserve. From high winds to rain and snow, your roof may be in dire need of roof repair or replacement. If it needs to be replaced, however, it may be time to consider the benefits of choosing a cedar shake roof as your premier roofing material of …Read More