residential roofing charlotteIt can be difficult to give your roof attention when you aren’t sure what a roof problem looks like. And, since roofs are one of the most important aspects of your home, the leading residential roofing company here in Charlotte believe it’s crucial you understand what the top 10 most common roof problems are, what they look like and how to stop them.

Common Roofing Problems

How To Spot Them & How To Stop Them

Roof Leaks & Residual Moisture

Unfortunately, if you live in a climate which gets a lot of moisture, it’s likely your roof may end up leaking, or your home may get damaged from residual moisture. Any roof, no matter what type, suffer from roof leaks. However, they can occur for many different reasons. Roofs, which have been built up, may experience leaks due to flashing details not being properly fastened during the very first installation. In fact, did you know about 95 percent of roof leaks are due to faulty flashing details? Whether your have full-on water running down the side of your living room wall type of leak, or you notice condensation building up on your ceiling when it rains, you need the help from a residential roofing professional. Roof repair is the best way to stop these types of roof leaks. Plus, if you don’t know where the roof leak is stemming, our roofing gurus will know exactly where to look.

Spot & Stop with a Roofing Appointment

Clearly, roofing is a complex matter and should be left to the professionals, especially if you want to live in a home which is completely water-sealed. Join Charlotte’s leading residential roofers online today to get the assistance you need. In the meantime, stay tuned to learn more common roofing problems, how to spot them and how to stop them, in our next blog: Spot & Stop Common Roofing Problems.

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