To create show-stopping curb appeal and give you the best protection from the sun, Mother Nature and everything the world may throw at you depends on the material you choose for your roof. Are you in need of a roof repair or a full-on replacement? If so, it’s time to think about changing up the look of your home and understanding all of the pros and cons of choosing a tile roof.

The Advantages of a Tile Roof

Classy Style

If you’ve always wanted your home to have a breathtaking presentation, there’s no doubt that a tile roof can give you just that. A tile roof has the ability to transform any dull home into a wonderful masterpiece of beauty. With a full spectrum of colors to choose between to create the perfect curb appeal, your home will be looking amazing in no time.

Long Life Expectancy

Did you know that when you choose tile over other materials for your roof, they can last for years longer than you would ever expect any other material? That’s right; in comparison to an asphalt roof, a tile roof can last up to 50 years if taken care of properly, and some have lasted longer. There’s no doubt about it; a roof that’s made of tile can prolong the life of your roof.


Enhanced Protection

Although there are many wonderful benefits of going with an asphalt roof, a tile roof offers enhanced protection you won’t receive from asphalt. Protection from rotting, burrowing insects and extreme weather are just a few that promote further longevity.

Exceptional Safety

When calling our roof repair and replacement experts in Charlotte, a homeowner’s number one concern is usually safety. Safety is important and tile is made of fire resistant material. What does this mean, exactly? If your neighbor’s home is on fire, your home could have a better chance of resisting catching flame too because the tiles on your roof are resistant.

The Disadvantages of a Tile Roof

Highly Delicate

Unfortunately, the good looks come with a delicate surface. Tile is delicate and therefore is not recommended to be walked on due to the possibility of damage. Although roof tile is known to be a long-lasting material, it’s always wise to call our roofing experts for roof repair when you need it because we’re properly trained on how to walk on the tile.

Tile is Heavy

Tile has always been a heavy material. Whether you’re using it as your flooring option in the kitchen or you’ve made the choice to have a tile roof installed, the material is heavy and will need proper reinforcement. Along with enhanced reinforcement, roofing ventilation must be installed correctly due to excessive heat during the summer here in Charlotte. In our opinion, this is the major drawback of a tile roof.

Increased Maintenance

Although a tile roof is known to last for 50 years or longer, they do require more attention than other roofing materials do. Even though the tiles last for years, every 20 years or so, the materials where it is laid on your roof must be replaced to prevent your roof from caving in. This can be expensive, but worth it in the long run.

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