We all go about our daily tasks without thinking twice about the condition of our roofs. This is all good and dandy until something goes terribly wrong. Whether you notice a leak in your attic or a gutter attached to your roof, there are four different reasons why you should maintain a clean roof.

When you clean your roof regularly or keep it maintained by roof repair experts, such as Ace Roofing, you can rest assured your roof will…

#1 Prevent roof leaks and failure.

If your roof is coated in moss and debris, it can no longer do its job adequately. The build up on your roof will prevent water flow from properly draining into the gutters, which in turn may result in your roof becoming damaged or decayed. Additionally, when your roof has buildup on it, other serious roof problems may arise, including leaks. These only lead to more serious issues that lead to more repairs needed.


#2 Prevents gutter failure.

When your roof has debris built up it, you’ll likely experience gutter damage. Gutters need to be cleaned regularly (two times per year), and if they aren’t, they can eventually detach from the roof. Debris can and will pile up in your roof’s gutters, and if they become too full of debris, the gutters may need to be completely replaced in order to ensure water can properly flow off of your home and onto the ground below.

#3 Prevents expensive roof repairs.

By keeping up with regular roof cleaning and maintenance, you will be able to prevent minor issues from becoming major repairs. Major repairs tend to be pricey, and they can easily lead to you needing to replace the entire roof if not taken care of immediately. Considering this can be the effect of a dirty roof, we’re hoping we’ve convinced you to clean your roof more often than you do.

#4 Protects your home’s curb appeal and keeps the value high.

When you ignore the health of your roof, your curb appeal will decrease, and the value of your home could be at risk. Whether you’re planning on selling your home or keeping it in tip-top shape, it’s vital you make sure that your roof is in outstanding condition regularly by cleaning debris from it and scheduling regular roof repairs when needed.

While we don’t recommend you jump up onto your roof to clean it twice a year, we do encourage you to schedule roof maintenance with a reputable roof repair company, such as Ace Roofing. Here in Charlotte, we provide businesses and homeowners the roof repair and maintenance they need to make sure their roof is in the best shape possible. Make your roof last for its full life expectancy (15 to 20 years), and give our experts a shout. Call us at (704) 755-4046 or schedule a FREE roof inspection.