Pests love a damaged roof! A damaged roof is a perfect place for a pest to make its way into the sanctuary of your home and set up a nest of their own. It’s important that you know the signs of pest invasion, how to prevent it, and how to make the necessary repairs. Our roof repair team in Charlotte has all the information that you need.

Pests Most Likely to Make Your Roof Their Home

Any unwanted animal or insect that decides to take up residency in the roof or attic space of your home is considered to be a pest. Most commonly in Charlotte, these include birds, wasps, mice, and raccoons. Any of these pests can create extensive damage to your roof and the structure of your home, not to mention become a safety issue for your family. You might think it takes a big hole to let pests gain access, but it doesn’t; a mouse can fit through a hole the diameter of a dime!

How to Spot a Pest Invasion on Your Roof

You can take steps to prevent a pest invasion coming into your home through your roof by having the roof regularly inspected by a professional roof repair team. They’ll be able to spot cracks and holes in the roofing materials that can allow pests to invade. You can do your own visual inspection with a pair of binoculars. Look for damaged shingles, chewed insulation, or signs of droppings. Make sure you use your ears, too! If you hear sounds like squeaking or shuffling coming from the roof or attic space, there is a good chance you have a pest infestation already.

How to Prevent a Pest Invasion

The key to preventing pests is making sure they can’t gain access to the warm attic space inside! Pests are looking for very particular requirements when house hunting: they need access to food and water and a safe place to raise their babies. If they can’t find that at your house, they will move on. So the number one thing you can do to keep pests out is to keep your roof in good repair. When you spot an issue with your roof, call in a roof repair team right away. They’ll be able to repair the damage and ensure that no pests gained entry in the meantime.

What to Do If You Have Pests

If you believe birds, mice, wasps or other pests have already used damaged areas of your roof to gain access to your home, you need to act quickly. You can call a roof repair company and get an estimate on the repair work, but you’ll need to contact a pest control company to remove the pests for you as well. The sooner you act, the less expensive the removal and repairs are likely to be and the sooner your home can be pest-free once again!

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