Living in Charlotte, it’s easy to think that you can climb up a ladder and jump up on the roof of your home without any dangers surrounding your every move. At Ace Roofing, we’re the roof repair experts that want you to know the true dangers that follow you, and anyone else who climbs up onto your roof for a simple or complex roof repair. In our previous post, we started giving reasons the first of six reasons why leaving roof repair to the professionals is a must. Here are more:

#2 To complete a roof repair or project, it takes special experience.

We understand that it’s easy to think completing a DIY roof repair is easy; all you have to do is watch YouTube, right? Wrong! Roofing might look easy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Roofing experience is a must if you want roof repairs done effectively and correctly. Plus, if you install roofing material without the proper tools, you’re setting yourself up for a disaster down the road. Something our roofers see often is providing roof repairs to DIY repairs by the homeowner. Needless to say, the only way to develop the skills you need to properly repair a roof is to work on a lot of roofs!


#3 Are you sure you know what to look for when repairing your roof?

You may think that it’s easy to understand or know when your roof is in dire need of a repair, but this simply isn’t the case. Not all roof issues are obvious which means calling a roofer for an inspection may be the first step to solving all of your roofing problems.

If you think there’s a roof repair that’s negatively affecting the health of your home, whether that’s through leaks and water marks on the ceiling or wall or noticing there are a few shingles missing, calling a professional to learn more about your current situation is the right move. Why? Thinking this is the right move will not only cause you to experience more frustration because you may not know where to look, but if you repair the roof yourself, it’s doubtful the repair will be able to withstand Mother Nature for long.

Here’s a scenario that may make you think twice about jumping up onto your roof: Let’s say you climb up onto your roof during the summer. You aren’t sure where to look for roof leak but you know there is one. You walk about your roof and, BOOM (crumble, crumble, crumble), your foot goes through the roof. I bet you found where the leak was, it was just the wrong way to discover it.

A roofing professional will be able to tell you where the leak is coming from so you avoid damaging your roof more and hurting yourself in the process. If you’re not sure where start, all you have to do is give our roof repair experts at Ace Roofing in Charlotte a call at (704) 755-4046.

Don’t go anywhere just yet; the roofing professionals at Charlotte’s #1 roofing and window company are here to save the day. Avoid completing roof repairs yourself and rely on the professionals at Ace Roofing.