Roof repair doesn’t seem too hard; we get it. But, let us give it to you straight: Roof repair should always be left to the professionals. Here’s the first of six reasons why:

#1 You could fall, disturb insects and run into other hazards.

Here’s a statistic you that may leave your feet planted on the ground: According to, over 2,000 people die each year from falls off of a roof. This number includes people performing DIY roof repairs, as well as trained roofing professionals. Yes, that’s correct, even the most highly skilled roofing technicians with the best safety equipment have fallen and been injured on the job. Safety equipment includes pads, boots, helmets and appropriate shoes.

Don’t think you’ll be falling off of a roof anytime soon? People are likely to be injured in other ways too, such as back injuries, twisted ankles and bruises. These ailments are very common by do-it-yourselfers and it can be tough to spot the spots on your roof that aren’t able to hold the weight of your body. What does this mean exactly? Not only are you up for getting hurt, but you could also damage your roof in the process of a repair.


Furthermore, damaging your roof isn’t all that you need to watch out for. There are insects that will nest in your roof, whether that’s alongside a gutter, inside a pipe boot or alongside a chimney; insects that are dangerous can cause you some pain you shouldn’t have to deal with on your own. Even beehives in nearby trees can pose a danger to you; our roofing professionals have the eye to spot these nests and insects and take care of them so you don’t have to worry.

Additionally, have you thought about the weather? Weather plays a crucial role in being able to effectively repair your roof in a safe and timely manner. Weather is considered an added element of danger, which is just another reason why leaving roof repair to the professionals is the best scenario. Whether rain drops or early morning dew have made the roof slippery or gusty winds make you experience less balance, weather can pose a serious danger to DIY roofers. However, keep in mind that great weather doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear.

The slope of your roof may not look that steep from the ground, but once you’re up on top, it’s a completely different ball game. Roofs are deceiving and once you’re actually standing on it will you understand the vigilant attention to detail needed to stay safe.

Roof repairs should undoubtedly be left up to the professionals at all times. Whether you need a simple or complex repair, leave getting on your roof for a quick fix up to the professionals at Ace Roofing. With our attention to detail and understanding of the dangers being on your roof poses, we can be the #1 roofers you expect. Contact us online today to set up an appointment and stay tuned for our next post to learn more reasons why you shouldn’t be completing your own roof repair in Charlotte.