When you step outside to take a look at your roof, what do you see? Do you see missing shingles? What about wind or hail damage? Do you notice multiple torn shingles? If so, it’s time you lean on a roof repair expert to answer all of the questions you have about your roof, such as whether your home could use minor roof repairs or an entire roof replacement.

Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

Here are some benefits of choosing roof repair over roof replacement, but don’t decide on a roof repair so fast; we’ll also cover whether or not you’re better off scheduling an entire roof replacement instead.residential roofing charlotte

Roof Repair

If you have a few missing or torn shingles, chances are, it’ll be easier and much more cost effective if you choose roof repair over a full roof replacement. Why? When our roofers take a look at your roof, they’ll be not only looking at areas that need a repair, but they’ll be considering the ratio of how much of your roof needs to be repaired versus how much of your roof is ok left untouched. If there are only a few spots that are in need of a roof repair, that is most likely your smartest, most affordable and quickest course of action to take.

Partial Roof Replacement
residential roofing charlotte

Let’s say your home has been damaged by a big tree falling onto part of your roof. A roof
repair such as this may not be as reasonably priced. When in need of a roof repair that is bigger than a few shingle replacements, etc., you are likely to be better off scheduling a partial roof replacement with Ace Roofing. Here in the Charlotte area, we’re likely to get high winds, crazy storms and even a hurricane once a year; if you’ve experience more than a few missing shingles, a partial roof replacement may be your best bet to save money rest assured you’ll have a roof over your head that’s strong and worth every penny.


dreamstime_xxl_6139255Full Roof Replacement

In the long run, a full-on roof replacement may be exactly what you need to put the past behind you and welcome in the future with open arms. Simply put, if you can’t foresee your home making it past the next one or two big storms, now is the best time to call our professional roofers in Charlotte at Ace Roofing to provide you with an affordable and well worth full roof replacement. Obviously, we’re not going to let you just make that big decision by yourself. If you’re interested in learning if your home could benefit from a new roof, and not a lot of little roof repairs, schedule a free roof inspection.

Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection

To learn more about what qualifies as a roof repair or a roof replacement, stay tuned for Ace Roofing’s next blog. In
the meantime, schedule a free roof inspection online today, or give us a call at 704-755-4046 to have all of your questions and concerns addressed.