Have your roof shingles started to show signs that the entire unit is unrepairable? Is it time you start thinking about roof replacement rather than roof repair near Charlotte? There are certain signs that will point you in the right direction that a roof replacement is in order. Although roof repair is a good choice for a while, if your shingles are indicating they are beyond repair, it’s time you learn the answers to the roofing questions you need to know. Don’t let your roof outsmart you! Here are questions and answers about replacing your roof:

How do you know if you need a roof replacement and not a roof repair?

At times, it’s 100 percent obvious that your roof is in dire need of a roof replacement and not just a single roof repair. However, if you notice all of the other houses in your neighborhood have called their local roof repair and replacement experts in Charlotte, it’s a good idea to call for a free roof inspection. Why? It’s likely that your home was built at the same time the other homes were. If their roof is in need of a roof replacement, chances are that your roof may need to be updated too. However, there are other factors that may point you into the direction of roof replacement as well; these factors include your home being damaged by a serious storm or other event caused by Mother Nature.

What are the benefits of a roof replacement?

A roof replacement offers homeowners many rewarding benefits that not only improve the quality of your home, but your home’s worth. Investing in a new and improved roofing system will make your home more efficient in the hot and cool months, and it will be able to make a stand against the elements, including rain, wind and snow. Plus, as far as aesthetics go, you can count on your new roof to improve the curb appeal of your home.


Will your roof come with a warranty?

If you purchase a roofing system from our roofing experts at Ace Roofing in Charlotte, it will likely come with a warranty; however, you are still responsible for validating this guarantee by scheduling regular roof inspections, repairs when needed, etc. We also highly suggest you make your own roof repairs so that you can keep your entire warranty valid. So, if you’re ever in the market for roof repair after your roof has been installed, you know who to call: Ace Roofing!

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