Is it time to have your roof repaired and maybe even replaced? Here in Charlotte, there’s no doubt that your roof has taken on abuse that it didn’t deserve. From high winds to rain and snow, your roof may be in dire need of roof repair or replacement. If it needs to be replaced, however, it may be time to consider the benefits of choosing a cedar shake roof as your premier roofing material of choice.

Reasons To Choose Cedar Shake Roofing

It offers weather resistance.

One of the best and most prominent benefits of a cedar shake roofing is that it is incredibly weather resistant. It’s natural properties contain special agents that make this wood naturally weather-resistant to elements that Mother Nature throws at it. From extreme UV rays to harsh rains and extreme cold, cedar shake roofing will remain intact.


It’s easy to install.

Not all roofing is easy to install; however, cedar shake roofing is one of the easiest. Along with the impressive weather-resistance, it provides to homeowners, cedar shake is also easy to install. Many roofers say that it’s straight, fine grain makes it easy for them to install, others say it’s the pattern and how easy it is to shape with a saw. Regardless of the reasons, cedar shake is, in fact, easy to install which means your new roof will be ready to protect your home in no time.

It enhances curb appeal.

Curb appeal is definitely something that every homeowner must consider when purchasing a new roof. Whether your roof is beyond repair or you want it to look new and better than ever, cedar shake roofing is the perfect type of material to add a dramatic curb appeal to your property. By creating your own design and having the option to choose which finish and stain you’d like, you can, for the most part, redefine the look of your roof to your exact specifications. Cedar shake is perfect in nearly any neighborhood, but it’s important you check with your HOA (if you’re in one) before purchasing a new roof from Ace Roofing.

Roofing is a big deal, and we’re ready to give you exactly what you need. Whether you need a simple or major roof repair, or you’re ready to sign off on a roof replacement, Ace Roofing is at your beck and call. We have been in the business for over 25 years, and we can’t wait to provide you with the weather resistant roofing you need to own a home that’s fully protected from the elements that have beautiful curb appeal. Enhance the architecture of your home and contact the leaders in the roofing industry in Charlotte online today. Call us at (704) 755-4046 or reach out to us for a free roof inspection here.