During the heart of winter, your roof can sustain damage if your shingles are broken or in bad shape. In fact, if your gutters need to be repaired or replaced, your roof can be affected, and not in a good way. We know, there’s no worse chore that is avoided more than anything, and that’s cleaning out the gutters or making sure they’re in good condition. But if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars in the long run on roof repair, you should take care of the gutters you have before it’s too late.

Problems You’ll Encounter When You Have Faulty Gutters

Gutters that need to be repaired or replaced tend to cause the need for roof repair. Unfortunately, there’s no way to prevent the need for that unless you go above and beyond and take care of your gutters when they need it most. Here are some potential problems you’ll experience if you let your gutters go without attention for far too long:

#1 Roof Damage

If you leave your gutters unattended for months at a time, you will likely experience roof damage that’s in need of roof repair. Uncleaned gutters will blog water and cause them to overflow. This may not seem too bad until the temperatures drop below freezing. If this happens, you’ll be left with a roof that has roof damage. What happens is that the water that overflows over the edge of the gutters freezes. When the water freezes in places it isn’t supposed to be, you’ll be left with water soaked and frozen materials. These materials, when soaked and frozen, tend to become damaged, weakened and are more susceptible to rot. Don’t allow yourself to become susceptible to roof repair; prevent the problem before it starts and clean your gutters regularly.


#2 Wood Fascia Damage

Did you know that water weighs 8 pounds per gallon? This means that if your gutter is full of water, the gutter attachments at the fascia will cause damage. Damage to wood fascia isn’t the cheapest repair, and it’s one that is completely avoidable if you give your gutters the attention they deserve. When the gutter pulls away from the wood fascia, water will spill over and into the wood fascia boards. This not only causes the fascia to become weak, but wood rot will become inevitable.

#3 Damage to Doors, Walls, Windows and Patios

A gutter that is full of debris from Mother Nature is one to watch out for, especially when it rains. Rain and unclean gutters is a bad and damaging combination. Window and door frames, walls and patios are not designed to have unlimited water contact. When this happens due to blocked gutters, these features on your home are likely to deteriorate much faster. Eventually, the extra water contact can lead to warping, rotting and weakening of your home.

Need Roof Repair?

To learn more about how to clean your gutters, stay tuned for our next blog. We want you to receive roof repair when you need it most, but if it’s avoidable, you need to know how. Learn more from our roof repair experts in our next blog or contact us now to set up a repair in Charlotte.