Roofing, it seems like you can’t live with it and you definitely can’t live without it. Roofing is a complicated part of your home or commercial building, and it’s a piece of the puzzle you simply can’t do without. Why? Well, there are many reasons that you need a roof over your head, and to keep the answer simple and to the point: It’s to keep you safe from harm. So, when a problem occurs on your roof, it can be troubling. Who should you reach out to for roof repair you can trust? Ace Roofing in Charlotte, North Carolina, of course! Here’s what to keep an eye out for that is a sign your roof needs help from our roof repair experts at Ace Roofing:

10 Most Common Roof Problems

#1 Poor Installation

Proper installation is one of the most important aspects of a roofing system. If it’s installed poorly or with faulty products, you’re likely to experience problems in the long run. Not only does a faulty roof installation drastically reduce your roof system’s life expectancy, but it increases your roof’s likelihood of a surplus of problems down the road.

#2 Moisture and Leaks

Charlotte is likely to get hit by some nasty storms year-round. This only means one thing, you could be dealing with moisture and leaks during the rainiest season of all. Wind, hail, rain, snow, ice and other debris can lead to moisture seeping its way into the layers of the roof. When this happens, you’ll likely deal with mold and rot from the leaks. Again, though, this goes back to if the roof was properly installed. The chances of this problem occurring on your roof are slim if you have a new roof that was properly installed by our roof installation experts at Ace Roofing.

#3 Improperly Installed Flashing

Your roof needs to be flashy in order to work properly. What we mean by this is, roofing needs properly installed flashings. If you’re dealing with a roof that has improperly installed flashing, you’re likely to deal with leaks and other roof repair problems, including faulty sealing and tiles. When flashing are improperly installed, tiles are likely to blow-off due to high wind, and open seams and laps can cause your roof to sustain more damage than it should for Mother Nature.

#4 Critters

Ok, so not all critters are ugly and terrifying; some are cute, furry, bundles of joy that make you want to squeeze and kiss them with love. Unfortunately, though, small animals, such as squirrels, raccoons, birds and insects can cause a surprising amount of damage to your roof. So, if you notice that any of these small critters are welcoming themselves onto your roof, it’s time to evict them before they get a foothold and make your home their home.

#5 Ponding Water

If your roof is caving in and you’ve noticed that there is water starting to form a pond on your roof, this is a sure sign of a significant problem. Common causes range from improper drainage of HVAC units and gutters to debris.

#6 Punctures and Penetrations

The wind has a way of being completely harmful, even though you can’t see it coming. Plus, hail can cause damage too. What kind of damage? Punctures and penetrations to your roof. Flashings and sealant around the penetrations, such as around vents for appliances and HVAC purposes, makes your roof weak and prone to water damage. Roof repair can take care of these problems when they arise. All you have to do is call Ace Roofing in Charlotte.

#7 Trees and Bushes

Overhanging tree branches and tall bushes can damage the surface of your roof’s shingles by wearing away the protective top layer. Plus, whenever there is heavy snow or broken branches, the roof is the first stop for the broken limbs. Trees pose a very serious risk of damage if the limbs are not trimmed back regularly once or twice a year. To protect your roof from damage, be sure you call a local tree trimmer to remove any threat to your home, including large branches and bushes.


#8 Ventilation

Your roof needs to have plenty of ventilation. In fact, it’s a very integral part of making a high-quality roofing system last for years. When a roof is installed correctly, vents are placed at the base of the roof (in the soffits or at the eaves), and near the ridges of the roof. These vents are crucial to making sure the attic of your home and the roof itself, properly ventilate air. If there is no proper ventilation, ice can form in the winter and cause cracks as well as allow for moisture buildup.

#9 Shrinking and Blistering

When the membrane of the roof shrinks, most often cracks form within the upper layer of the roof. This is when ridging, splitting, blistering and surface erosion are most prominent on the roof. This issue will eventually lead to bigger roof repair problems and should be solved as soon as they are noticed.

#10 Lack of Roof Repair and Maintenance

There’s no doubt about it; your roof needs regular roof repair and maintenance to keep it in outstanding condition. Like anything you own, such as your car, needs regular tender loving care to keep it operating for years to come; your roof is no different.

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