If you like to take care of your house as much as you can, you’ve probably started to notice the granules in the gutters. Oftentimes, when granules start to fall off the shingles, they’ll be caught in the gutters. Granule loss is a sign that your roof may be in need of a replacement or repair, but what causes the granule loss in the first place, and what is considered a normal amount of granule loss?

Normal Granule Loss

No matter what, the shingles on your roof will shed granules, but how much they shed is what you need to take a look at. Sometime during your roof’s life cycle, it will be exposed to normal wear and tear which means granules will start to pile up in the gutters. You shouldn’t see a lot of granules in the gutters, but if there are more than you think is appropriate, please don’t hesitate to give our roofing repair team a call at (704) 755-4046.

Old Asphalt

As your roof ages, so will the look of your home. You can see a visual difference in shingles when you compare an old roof to a brand new one. Loss of granules will make the shingles look lighter in color, and due to its age, may have experienced overexposure to the rain, sun and other weather elements that have taken a toll on the roof. If you aren’t sure your roof is in good condition or if the asphalt shingles are old and are out of granules to shed, give our roof replacement team a call now!


Damage from Walking

Whether you inspect your roof once a month or you clean it regularly, walking on your roof can actually be a factor for excess shingle loss; so, be careful up there! Believe it or not, the friction between the asphalt shingles and your shoes can rub off granules, making your roof age faster than necessary. Because of this, we highly recommend you stay off your roof unless it’s an emergency.

We provide free roof inspections!

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