More and more people are discovering all the ways they can benefit from solar panels in their home, particularly residents of Charlotte. At Ace Solar and Roofing, we are proud to be able to offer this renewable energy source to our clients, saving them thousands of dollars on energy costs and reducing their carbon footprints. In our previous blog, we started to go over the ways you can benefit from installing solar panels on your roof. In this blog, we will continue to go through the advantages of solar power.

A Sound Investment

Chances are, your utility company has raised electricity prices while you have been with them, and these costs are only set to rise over time. Solar panels are a sound investment because you can very easily determine exactly how much electricity will be generated for your home and how much it will cost over the next 20 years due to fixed energy costs. With solar power, you can have a completely accurate picture of what you will be paying for energy for two decades.

Reliable Performance

Solar panels come with 20 to 25 year warranties that guarantee performance for the next two decades. The guarantee drops to 80 percent performance after 25 years. The actual lifespan of solar panels is longer: it is likely that your solar panels will still be producing energy 40 years after you install them.

Environmental Benefits

We have talked a lot about the way homeowners can benefit financially from solar panel, but the environmental benefits are extensive as well. The U.S. emits 17.9 percent of the carbon dioxide in the world, second only to China. One simple way you can personally reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment is by switching from utility power to solar power. On average, a solar system will offset 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions over two decades.

Energy Independence

Currently, the U.S. is dependent on foreign energy in the form of crude oil and petroleum, with about 40 percent of our energy. By installing solar panels, you can help the U.S. become less dependent on foreign sources of energy. Because fossil fuels are in limited supply, eventually, there will be no more oil, coal, or natural gas. As these resources deplete, they become more and more expensive, negatively impacting the national economy and security. By using more and more solar power, the U.S. becomes more independent and less reliant on these increasingly expensive energy sources.

Solar is Simple

For early adopters of solar power, finding a way to purchase and install solar panels was a complicated process. Now, the market is saturated with solar companies, making it easy to access this source of energy. In Charlotte, Ace Solar and Roofing makes it incredibly simple to invest in solar power by providing a free estimate for your project! No longer do you have to wait weeks at a time to find a solar company; now, there is one right in your city! Contact our roofers in Charlotte for solar panel installation.