If you had some information that could help you keep your roof healthy and in great condition for years and years, would you take it and use it? Our roofers at Ace Roofing in Charlotte have the information you want and need that will allow you to care for your roof properly leaving you with a roof that will tend to last longer a few years longer than a roof is intended. Take the following steps to prolong the life of your roof:

What makes your roof last longer?

Clean it regularly.

When you clean your roof, you’ll be able to avoid roof sheathing and premature deterioration. Cleaning your roof also means cleaning your gutters which will lead to water management issues, especially in the winter months. When your gutters are backed up with leaves and debris, the water may freeze in between the shingles, causing serious damage called sheathing. When sheathing occurs, premature deteriorations is nearly unavoidable. Depending on the size of your home, gutter cleaning can cost anywhere between $200 and $250 each spring and fall.

Trim Back Branches

Cleaning your roof from debris and leaves from trees is much easier and less time-consuming if you take the time to trim branches. During inclement weather, a tree that hangs over your home is more likely to damage the structural integrity of the roof. By preventing build up by trimming back branches, the hope is that your roof stays strong.

Eliminate Algae and Moss

If you’ve spotted algae and moss, it needs to be eliminated quickly. Algae and moss trap water which may cause your roof to rot and roof dysfunction.

Schedule routine roof inspections and roof repairs with skilled roofers.

Inspections are free when you call our roofers at Ace Roofing in Charlotte, and we suggest you schedule two inspections, one in the spring and one in the fall. However, it is also recommended you schedule a roof inspection if your home has been beaten by inclement weather. During the roof inspection, our roofers will look closely for any areas that may need a roof repair. Any damaged caulk or flashings; buckling, blistering or curling shingles; damaged components around roof penetrations; or presence of moss and algae will all be repaired by our roofers. Preventive maintenance is affordable and highly recommended if you’d like your roof to last longer.

Contact Our Roofers in Charlotte This Winter

Do you want our roofers to take a look at your home at no charge? We recommend you give our skilled roofers a call. We can help you keep it intact and functioning perfectly throughout this year’s brutal winter. Call us at 704-364-5774 to schedule your free inspection with our roofing company. Want to learn more about our roofing services? Feel free to check out our residential and commercial roofing services now! Our roofers have all of the services you need, including window, gutter and roof repair. Additionally, look into our other services, including wind and hail damage repair.