We’ve all done it, pondered at our neighbor’s roofer because we hear their nail gun fire away more times than we can count in a single minute. Roofing is an important aspect of a home, if not the most important aspect which is why Ace Roofing in Charlotte is bringing some information you may be curious to learn to this blog: Where do roofers nail when installing a new roof?

Before we get started it’s crucial to note there are a few different strategies to take when roofing your home. Our roofers may choose to use a four or six nailing system, both of which will provide you with a superior roof to protect your home from the elements.

Four Nailing System

Your shingle should be nailed in place using four nails. When your shingle is in place, you’ll grab your nail gun and put the tip of the nail gun above the lower break on the tar line, there will be two on the inner parts of the shingle, and two on the outer.

Six Nailing System

A six nailing system is recommended for a barn-style roof. You’ll want to tack it on the end of the tar line. For the inner parts of the shingle, you’ll tack a nail directly to the right and the left of the lower break on the tar line.

The Importance of Nailing on the Tar Line

It’s highly important to make sure you nail directly on the tar line. There will be a shingle underneath your shingle, and the shingle you just nailed on the tar line will hold the shingle below it in place. If you nail too high, the shingle below the shingle you nailed will be more susceptible to wind damage. Make sure you nail in the proper place!

Learning if You Need a New Roof

Do you need a new roof? It can be tough to tell. Understandably, if you were up on your roof a short month ago putting up and taking down your Christmas lights, then you may already be aware of the condition your roof is in. Unlikely, however, is the fact that you may not fully know if your roof needs to be replaced or not. It’s up to you to reach out to the professional roofers at Ace Roofing in Charlotte to get the appropriate feedback. If your roof’s condition is not satisfactory, a free roof inspection will be able to give you the feedback you need to move forward in scheduling a roof replacement appointment. Join our team of experts online today to learn more!

Our Services

At Ace Roofing, we have services for all kinds of structures. Whether your commercial building needs a new roof, your home is in need of a repair, or you’ve been thinking about replacing the windows and gutters on your home, our experts can be of service. Join Ace Roofing online now to learn more and to get started.