When you have to get up on your roof, whether that’s to put up Christmas lights, get a dog toy off of the roof that you badly overthrew or you’d like to clean out your home’s gutters, it’s essential you use some of our roofing safety tips. Although roofing should be left to the professionals here at Ace Roofing in Charlotte, it’s crucial you know how to stay safe up on your roof.

6 Essential Roof Safety Tips To Follow

  1. Wear the right shoes for the job.

Obviously, you won’t want to wear a pair of high heels up on the roof, ladies, and men, you won’t want to wear your loafers. It’s crucial you wear a pair of sneakers that have great grip. Although you may think this is common sense, you’d be surprised how many individuals end up in the ER because they didn’t wear shoes with good tread and rubber soles. Why would we ask you to take such precautions? Because we want you to minimize your potential for slipping as much as you can. In fact, don’t even consider wearing any old shoes with worn-away rubber and tread; it’s not worth the risk of injury.

  1.  Clean up your roof.

Safely bring a broom up on the roof with you and cautiously sweep off any debris that may cause you to trip or lose traction while working. There will be quite a bit of debris built up, including dirt, leaves and branches. Making sure you properly sweep off any of these dangerous obstacles will help to improve your chances of staying safe while atop your roof.

  1. Wear a safety harness.

You may think this is a joke, but we’re not laughing. Wearing a harness is the best way to make sure you can’t and won’t fall off of your roof. If you’re wearing a safety harness, you’ll be safe from almost all danger being on a roof poses. Whether you’re cleaning out the gutters or completing simple roof repairs on your own, learning how to use and hook up a roofing safety harness is highly recommended.

  1. Gutter guard your ladder.dreamstime_7442333

If you haven’t already purchased a gutter guard for your ladder, do so today! A gutter guard will keep you and your ladder safe. What it does is keep your ladder in place. Purchasing this inexpensive product will help to keep you safe on the roof by securing the ladder to the side of your roof, especially if you’re working on your roof by yourself.

  1. Install a toe hold on your steeply pitched roof.

If you live in a home that has a very steep pitched roof, it’s recommended to install a toe hold. A toe hold will help you to keep your balance while completing work atop your roof. It’s highly recommended to do this so you can keep a good balance and prevent slippage while completing work, whatever it may be.

  1. Avoid completing work on your roof if it’s watery.

If there are puddles or it has recently rained, avoid working on your roof. Why? A wet roof is a slippery roof, and this is just a recipe for disaster. Whether your roof in Charlotte has recently seen dew, ice, rain or snow, put your work on hold until the sun evaporates the, what seems harmless, liquid.

Call Upon Our Roofing Gurus

Roofing is hard work and our company, Ace Roofing in Charlotte, wants you to stay as safe as humanly possible if you end up getting on your roof. Whether you’re putting up Christmas lights or cleaning out your home’s gutters, staying safe should be your number one priority. However, if you’re not one to get up on your roof to fix common roofing repairs, be sure you give us a call; we can help!

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